Mikrotik Hotspot using Spotipo

Easily deploy a hotspot using your existing Mikrotik devices.

Works With Your Existing Solution

Spotipo can work on your existing Mikrotik setup without the need to change any infrastructure. You can easily configure your Mikrotik router to use Spotipo as a hotspot radius server and splash portal.

Multi Location Support

You can use a single Spotipo installation to offer hotspot service to multiple locations. Spotipo allows you to easily offer Payment,Voucher and Social Login hotspots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a server?
Yes, you will need a server (Debian/Ubuntu) to run Spotipo. You can then configure your Mikrotik Devices to use Spotipo as a Radius Server and Hotspot portal.
Can I use Spotipo in cloud?
Yes ofcourse.Spotipo works best when running on a stable hosting environment like Digital Ocean or AWS
Can I use Spotipo locally?
You can. However you will need to make sure the local server is stable and has good connectivity.