Payment Based Hotspot

Offer WiFi against payment. Securely collect credit card payments.

Easily integrate with your payment gateway

Spotipo integrate easily with the payment gateway of your choice.This allows you to choose one that works best for you.

Multiple Packages

Increase your revenue by offering mutiple packages. You can create packages based on time/speed/number of devices allowed and duration.

Multi Device Accounts

Spotipo automatically creates an account for each new Guest,so that they can login from multiple devices.Guests will get an SMS/Email with login info after purchase.

Payment Accounts Management

Spotipo features an easy to use payment dashboard, which allows you to see how much data is used by each Guest. You can easily extend/refund/block a particulat account.

Works With Your Existing Network

Spotipo can work on your existing network without the need to change any firmware. You can easily configure your router to use Spotipo as a hotspot radius server and splash portal.